Laundry & netting bag rubber closures in many colors

Immediate next day shipment from our massive stock of over 50,000 rubber closures

We have been supplying bag closures to laundries, textile businesses, prisons, jails, college laundries, and many others for over 15 years!!

Many colors available

We stock thousands of rubber closures for laundry bags in many colors for your bag sorting or location ID’ing.

Fast and friendly service!

Shadow‘s expedient response to quote requests and order placement is so much appreciated!

Quantity Discounts!!

Many of our customers purchase 1,000 to 10,000 at our quantity discounted prices. And immediate shipment from our large inventory.

We recently moved a few miles north

Our new store location is just a stone’s throw North of the town centre and the water tower. A larger store where we can stock many more products snd quantities.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have multiple colors?

Yes! We stock thousands of many different colors for ease of sorting and ID.

Do you have quantity discounts? YES!!

Payment options? Yes. We take major cc’s, Paypal, or, Net 30 for established customers.